The services of a hotel are supported by the quality of products provided by its suppliers , therefore, all hotels and resorts meticulously choose their suppliers.

Although there aren’t any defined rules or procedures to follow, some tips and tricks are helpful in making smart decisions. Read the article and get to know how to choose the right hotel linen supplier for your hotel brand.

  • Location of Supplier’s Warehouse

    The supplier will deliver the goods from the warehouse which is closest to your delivery point. You always know the warehouse of the supplier so that you anticipate the time to be delivered and also you know if there are any issues with transportation if it's pretty far away. If the warehouse of the supplier is at a long distance, chances of mishaps and delays are higher, because of the weather, transportation and other issues.

  • Existing Customers of the Supplier

    It is important to know the current customers of the supplier you are planning to opt for. If the supplier is trusted by different hotels and other companies, it assures that the supplier is prompt with its delivery and consistent with its quality. You can also coordinate with the existing customers and get more information about the hotel supply company. However, the services of the suppliers are questionable if the current customers aren’t doing well in the relative fields. A market survey of the supplier is also significant, just to be sure about it.

  • Potential of the Supplier to Meet Unexpected Demand

    Sometimes your business will face unexpected demand and you might urgently need more supplies than usual. Although your supplier isn’t technically responsible for meeting the unexpected demand, it would be favorable if you can get the supplies from the same supplier, to maintain consistency of the business. In case of natural disasters like storms, the hospitality industry faces trouble in finding hotel textiles, bath amenities, and other supplies. Pushkal Textiles ensures that it has some extra stock to serve the unexpected needs of the hotels.

  • Know the materials/ cotton used by the supplier beforehand

    Knowing the kind of linen made and the fabric delivered by the Hotel linen suppliers are very important. Bed linens have to made of soft fabric and also look crispy. The last thing to consider when choosing a provider is the origin of the cotton used in their products. This will offer you peace of mind that the linen on offer has been ethically sourced and produced. Cotton of a standard that can comfortably withstand the commercial laundry process is vital when looking for value and a quality finish for your hotel.