Mattresses and Hotel Mattress Protectors

We have a wide range of spring mattresses . This entire range is produced with very high quality raw material and extra attention to every minute detail to churn out the perfect masterpiece. These masterpieces are completely made on imported machines, including springs , fixing, stitching, quilting etc. Our range includes all the sizes and thickness 6", 8", 10" and 12" and in both forms bonnell and pocket springs and customized sizes.

Every mattress needs protection from dust, liquids, stains etc. Our hotel mattress protectors are made of high quality washable 100% cotton fabric, filled with siliconised fibre sheet and are quilted on multi needle computerized imported machines .It ranges from 150gsm to 250 gsm and comes in customized sizes.

We also make Mattress protectors with luxurious comforts & protection that comes in 800 gsm and 2" thickness.

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